Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility

Our Quality, Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy

We recognise the importance of approaching our responsibilities for the management of the company in a transparent, ethical and committed way. These policies commit the company and all staff to high standards of behaviours and to a process of continual improvement.

We will deliver our services to clients in a way that meets their requirements and expectations, and in compliance with legal, regulatory and other requirements.

We will act in way that reflects high standards in diversity, equality, ethics and sustainability.

We will maintain the highest level of professional integrity with regard to our clients, staff and with others with whom we interact.  We will set and achieve high standards for client confidentiality, our objectivity and our independence.

We will identify, assess and handle risks to the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, delivery partners and clients. Where necessary, we will implement controls to reduce risks to a tolerable level.

We will identify and manage our environmental aspects so that we reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. A summary of our key environmental aspects is attached.

We will strive to increase the positive aspects of our activities on the environment through the delivery of our services and our influence on partners and clients.

We will work to continuously improve our capabilities, processes and services.

Directors will bring this combined quality and corporate social responsibility statement to the attention of all members of staff and outsourced service providers.

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that our commitments to quality, environment and  social responsibility are up to date and are being complied with.

Robert Blackett


Key environmental aspects

We have identified that our significant environmental aspects are, in order of significance:

1 The positive aspects of our activities on the environment through the delivery of our services

We provide environmental management and asset management consulting, training and audit services to major clients, supporting their environmental and sustainability performance.

2 The use of natural resources


Our office accommodation and equipment is primarily powered by on-site PV solar power, all our network electricity supply is from 100% renewable sources, our gas heating is supplied from renewable or carbon offset sources.


All employee vehicles are electric and use renewable charging where available, including our 100% green electricity supply at our offices. We use public transport where feasible although for access to remote clients and sites this is often not an option.

IT and office equipment

Procurement requirements includes energy efficiency and sustainability; our selected computer and office equipment has low energy consumption.

Paper and printing

Paper used for documents and training manuals – our FSC® certified paper uses wood pulp which is sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner from a well-managed forest.

Outsourced printed documents and manuals

Our procurement policies include environmental and sustainability requirements:


100% FSC® certified paper


To reduce use of fossil fuels, our printers use vegetable-based inks in their standard production processes rather than traditional oil or petroleum based inks.


The toner our printers use in digital presses is non-toxic and does not generate hazardous waste. This is the result of careful selection of materials and control of the raw material ingredients. Prints made with the selected dry ink toners are readily recyclable using standard de-inking processes.


Boxes and envelopes used for dispatching documents and manuals are all made from recycled paper or cardboard, are ethically sourced and reused wherever possible.