Consulting support for your management system

System development and improvement

This consulting service is for organisations that want to develop, review or improve their management system processes.  We can assist with your asset management system, or assist with an integrated business management system that covers any or all of quality, environmental, health and safety, risk, information management, product conformity (e.g. medical devices), industry or government standards.

Review and improve your management system 

Management systems can become dated and lack relevance to the actual processes that determine business success.  As a result organisations can experience some or all of these symptoms:

  • Systems and procedures have become jaded and bureaucratic
  • Employees don’t always comply with the approved processes 
  • Senior management attention is on more pressing matters and they delegate effective responsibility for operation of the systems to subordinates
  • Management are aware of a lack of control of key processes
  • Operational personnel feel that they suffer from a lack of information and clear direction
  • Core strategic objectives are established at the top level, but they do not seem to have much effect on actual outcomes in the workplace
  • Objectives and procedures exist but they do not have much impact on business, financial, commercial or operational performance measures
  • Customers, regulatory authorities or certification bodies report increasing noncompliance with requirements.

Developing a new management system

Management systems should be developed and implemented in the right way so that they are aligned with the strategic aims and business objectives of the organisation. They need to be flexible, non-bureaucratic and cost effective. People need to feel that they not only understand and agree with the systems and processes; they should see them as part of the normal way they work. 

We can help you with flexible and helpful consulting services to build a management system that is a real asset and keeps improving in effectiveness and value.

Solutions that work for you

We have provided our consulting services to many clients to address these issues. We assist management to develop management systems that are: 

  • Aligned with strategic aims and business objectives 
  • Designed to make an impact on KPIs 
  • Developed by managers and employees 
  • Risk based, flexible and non-bureaucratic 
  • Compliant with applicable industry and international standards

Our highly qualified and experienced consultants work with senior management to carry out a carefully planned diagnostic review process, leading to an agreed implementation project that involves appropriate personnel.

The service can include:

  • Collaborative review of stakeholders, legislative and other requirements, drivers, key result areas, and critical processes
  • Gap analysis and system maturity assessment
  • Development of an implementation project plan
  • Training of the implementation team and employees
  • Systems development, integration and implementation
  • Internal audit process
  • Pre-certification audit
  • Assistance with certification.

Next steps

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