Introduction to Incident Investigation in Asset Management

This training course is for Asset Managers who require competence in:

  • Learning from Incidents associated with assets
  • Planning for, and dealing with, emergencies and incidents and resulting disruptions to normal operations
  • Planning and implementing corrective and preventive action associated with risk and audit processes.

It covers Incident Management, Incident Investigation, and Root Cause Analysis. The techniques are also used for Asset Risk Assessment and Criticality Analysis. 

Incident Management is a term describing the activities of an organization to identify, analyse, and correct hazards to prevent a future re-occurrence. Incident Investigation is the process of systematically gathering and analysing information about an incident.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a methodical approach for identifying the underlying cause of an incident or non – conformance. This then enables an organization to prevent its recurrence. However, Root Cause Analysis is not easy to carry out and many organisations have struggled to successfully implement it.

This one-day introductory course is designed for those employees that may be involved in asset management-related incident investigations or corrective actions for non-conformances. It will help them to better understand the background and tools and techniques of RCA investigations.


After this course, you will develop an understanding of:

  • The language of investigation
  • How to set up an investigation team.
  • Some of the Tools and Techniques
    • Five ‘why’s’
    • Fish Bone Diagram (Ishikawa Diagram)
    • Fault Tree Analysis
    • Failure-Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)
    • Bow-Tie and Barrier Based investigation techniques
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Risk control measures
  • Corrective actions

Online eLearning course

  • This ‘one day’ fully tutored course is designed for Covid-19 safe remote training. It includes participative activities, slides and presentations, practical tasks to develop your understanding followed by a competence evaluation.
  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

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We also provide a three- day course to provide in-depth competence in Learning From Incidents in Asset Management.

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