Integrating management systems

Can I integrate my ISO 55001 asset management system with other standards (E.g. Quality ISO 9001, Environment ISO 14001, OHS ISO 45001?)


ISO Annex SL and integration with other standards

Integrating ISO 55001 asset management system with other standards is fairly easy. The ISO 55001 standard was one of the first to be developed under the new ISO “Annex SL” protocol. All ISO management system standards are created under a “template” that consists of 8 clauses and 4 appendices that provide a “high level structure”, plus shared terms and definitions and actual shared clause titles and text. This is useful for organizations that use multiple management system models, such as environment, health & safety, quality and asset management. It helps with integration, a common vocabulary and streamlined systems.

Integrating management systems, governance and assurance

Top management must ensure that the asset management system requirements are integrated into the organization’s business processes. These typically include management system elements, as well as governance arrangements and the processes for risk and assurance.

Integrating ISO management systems

You don’t need several separate management systems. Avoid duplication and overlap by integrating everything possible into a business management system or integrated management system (IMS).

Typical areas for integration
  • Documentation and document/record control
  • Communication methods
  • Risk (and environmental aspects) management
  • Training and competence
  • Internal audit
  • Management review.