Trainer facilitator course

Training the trainer

Designing, preparing, delivering and evaluating training courses

Duration 3 days


At the end of this training the trainer course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand accelerated learning and adult learning principles about how people learn and how new knowledge, skills and attitudes are transferred to work
  • Understand the dynamics of learning groups and how to apply them to create effective training activities
  • Design learning activities to meet training needs
  • Prepare highly professional training courses
  • Deliver high quality and effective training activities using a range of techniques and media
  • Deal with problem people and situations
  • Monitor and evaluate important outcomes

Course Profile

This course has been designed for participants who:

  • Will be involved in designing, preparing, delivering and evaluating training courses
  • Are responsible for implementing projects, organization change or new management systems that require new knowledge, skills or attitudes in their organization
  • Are responsible for managing training resources and the effectiveness of training activities

This course is designed to provide participants with the essential knowledge and skills to design, present and evaluate highly effective training and learning activities.

Participants will understand the principles of how people learn, how training courses can be designed and delivered for maximum impact and how to assist the transfer of new skills to the work environment.

They will be able to use the theoretical and practical content of the course to develop and carry out high quality training interventions in all types of organisations.

They will be able to evaluate training and learning activities to assess their effectiveness in achieving objectives.

The highly interactive course uses lectures, discussion, participative exercises and involvement in actual training activities. By building from a strong theoretical and practical foundation into a “hands on” experience, the course allows participants to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply the course content directly to their own organisation.

This course can be tailored to cover the needs of project groups and in–house training teams to develop a specific training course or learning programme.

We can license our courses and copyright materials for use in your organisation.

Course resources

Participants are issued with a course manual that contains information and guidance.

All participants who successfully complete this course will be issue with a certificate.

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