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Not sure what asset management auditor training is required by ISO 55001? Here is some guidance about requirements for:

  • asset management internal audits
  • asset management auditor training.

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Internal audit – what is required 

Asset management (ISO 55001) system standards require the organization to conduct internal audits at planned intervals. A well planned and managed audit process will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the management system and provide significant benefits. The audit process should be seen as an important management tool for independent assessment of processes and activities, and hence the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation.

Internal asset management auditors – what is required

Audit procedures have to address the responsibilities and requirements for audit activities.

Auditors, like all personnel, have to be competent on the basis of appropriate education, training or experience. The organisation determines the necessary competence and provides training or other actions to satisfy these needs. There is no requirement to attend a particular course or achieve a specific qualification unless there is an additional regulatory or customer requirement – the organisation decides what competence is needed and arranges the necessary learning activity.

The organisation has to retain appropriate records of education, training, skills and experience. In practice this normally means retaining evidence that an auditor has completed a suitable training course.

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