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Effective and enjoyable asset management training services

We specialise in asset management training services that are designed to provide a good experience for the participants, and achieve great learning results. We have been  providing management system training courses for more than 15 years. This has allowed us to adapt the best learning techniques, listen to feedback from our customers and use these to create learning events which are enjoyable and effective.

What is online eLearning?
Covid-safe learning from any location
We’ve developed all our main courses to online eLearning, so that anyone can participate in a Covid-safe way from almost any location, using their internet connection and any compatible browser.
We use the Microsoft Teams platform because:
• It has built-in security and privacy controls
• You can experience most of the variety and participation of a traditional training room setting, while allowing convenient and safe participation online
• The entire course is managed and delivered in real time by an experienced trainer
• You can ask questions and join in with discussions, activities and quizzes.

Our courses are carefully designed to provide an accelerated learning process using variety of activities which are both informative and interesting. With a mixture of presentation, interactive sessions and active tasks, the training courses develop an understanding of business issues, the principles and practices of best practice and the use of international standards.

Our expert trainers, who are experienced managers, consultants and auditors, show how these methods can be used to improve the performance of the organisation.

Many of our in-company courses include an option for participants to experience on-site structured activities based on selected processes in the company. There are also highly interactive public and classroom based versions for courses without access to operational areas.

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“Robert is a motivational expert in the field, very enjoyable course.”

“Excellent course, really cemented my understanding of asset management, specifically around all my knowledge and experience from other sectors, disciplines and organisations that I was in doubt of previously.”

“I now have much greater confidence in utilising the 55000 standard through an audit process to help Organisations maximise their ability to deliver asset management and business objectives”

“It was the first time I have done an online training course so wasn’t sure how it would work, and suprisingly it worked well. I enjoyed the course and it is a great to have something else under my belt, I now hope to put this into practice and gain more knowledge and experience. The information provided was excellent”

“I found the whole course interesting and informative. As a relative newcomer to asset management I found day 1 especially helpful. The insight I gained from the course will assist me in terms of not only the auditing side but the asset management system development. Rob was friendly, informative, calm and overall an excellent course leader”

“A very enjoyable and informative course with the right blend of presentations and interactive exercises. The quizzes and knowledge based assessments throughout the course proved to be valuable preparation for the final exam. Whilst a physical course would have been preferred , in general the online training worked well and even introduced some new applications I had never used before. Thanks Rob – overall a great experience !”

“I was a bit worried about being an online course as it was my first time completing such a course online, however, Rob kept the course well structured, and included lots of group exercises”

“Great content, a very useful course for the team to understand the Standard and to practice audit skills”

“Having worked with our consultant over the past 6 years, I can recommend him as a professional with a wide range of skills and knowledge related to asset management and integrated solutions in the utility industry. He is also able to train, mentor and coach individuals to allow them to take ownership of asset management challenges and I can highly recommend working with him.”

Introducing our consultant
ISO 55001 asset management online lead auditor training
Online ISO 55001 Lead Auditor course

Our asset management training services – our courses

Using our training services will help your organisation to implement and maintain an asset management system that works for you and is non-bureaucratic with flexible and effective processes. Our experienced trainers will help you to apply good practice, optimise your asset management-related activities, and achieve real improvements in performance.

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Training courses

Asset management training courses

Asset management introduction (1 day)

Online eLearning – Asset management implementation (2 days)

Asset management internal auditor (2 days)

Advanced asset management auditor (3 days)

Internal auditor conversion course to ISO 55001 (2 days)

Online eLearning – Lead auditor conversion course to ISO 55001 (3 days)

ONLINE eLearning – Asset Management Lead Auditor course ISO 55001 (4 day)

Asset management Lead Auditor course (5 days)

Online eLearning – Introduction to Incident Investigation in Asset Management (1 day)

Auditor training information – how to comply with requirements

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