Asset Management training

We provide a range of asset management training courses to allow participants to gain competence and career progression in:

  • Asset management introduction
  • Asset management auditing
  • Asset management implementation

These can be provided in your company premises or at public courses in the UK.

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“I thought the trainer had put a lot of effort into preparing the course and I enjoyed it and got a lot out of it”

“Very well taught, really impressive”

“I enjoyed it. I thought the trainer was engaging, and there was a good mix of practicals”

“Great content, a very useful course for the team to understand the Standard and to practice audit skills”

“Good delivery of the course. Applied its relevance to our organisation and I was able to understand its application effectively”

“Excellent – helped widen the understanding and encourage cross-team working”

“Props and activities helped support the learning and how it affects day-to-day work”


Our training courses

Auditor training courses

You can select from a range of auditor courses to suit your requirements.

These are provided either in your premises or as public courses.

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Information about asset management training

Asset Management Internal Auditor ISO 55001 – 2 day

Advanced Asset Management Auditor ISO 55001 – 3 day

Internal auditor conversion course to ISO 55001 – 2 day

Lead auditor conversion course to ISO 55001 – 3 day

Lead auditor course ISO 55001 – 5 day

Asset management implementation training courses

Asset Management Introduction – 1 day

Asset management implementation – 2 day

Training the Trainer

Trainer facilitator course – 3 day

Public Training courses

Information about our public training courses

Auditor Training

Internal audit 

Asset management (ISO 55001) system standard requires the organization to conduct internal audits at planned intervals. A well planned and managed audit process will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the management system and provide significant benefits. The audit process should be seen as an important management tool for independent assessment of processes and activities, and hence the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation.

Requirements for internal auditors

Audit procedures have to address the responsibilities and requirements for audit activities.

Auditors, like all personnel, have to be competent on the basis of appropriate education, training or experience. The organisation determines the necessary competence and provides training or other actions to satisfy these needs. There is no requirement to attend a particular course or achieve a specific qualification unless there is an additional regulatory or customer requirement – the organisation decides what competence is needed and arranges the necessary learning activity.

The organisation has to retain appropriate records of education, training, skills and experience. In practice this normally means retaining evidence that an auditor has completed a suitable training course. 


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Learning Approach

Our interactive courses use accelerated learning methods, including participative activities that draw on the experience and knowledge of the participants in a natural and interesting way.

The learning method involves interactive presentations and practical team activities that allow participants to acquire the required competencies by addressing all the learning points in a highly effective and interesting way.

Each participant receives a comprehensive course manual which includes helpful documentation of the course content and useful templates for relevant documents.

A certificate is awarded to participants who complete the course and satisfy applicable assessment criteria.

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